There are few joys on par with the celebration that the soul experiences when one digs into the comfort of self. Everyday I fall in love with myself more and more. This is such a great feat as I face many people across this path I walk who are clear in their distaste, unhappiness and hyperbolic judgements of my character based on my appearance alone.

This sword is double-edged, though. This is because even though the opposition I face is harsh and draining, I know without doubt how long it’s taken me to come to a place of self love. I especially know how long and hard I’ve fought all kinds of ridiculousness just to live in a body that feels right to me.

I carry heavy pride in myself because I won’t buckle to the whims of average. And every day of every year as I fight for my happiness, the strength and commitment is vetted in true love….love for all that I have fought to become.



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