Mary’s Not A Virgin Anymore (v.1)

Keeling at the altar of shoved down regret, I light a cigarette candle of confusion for every sin I was too drunk or high to remember.

The singe of forgiveness embraces my lungs like the long awaited hug from the arms of every death I’ve managed to escape.

In this religion, Mary’s not a virgin anymore…she’s just one more youngster learning the ineffectiveness of the pull-out method, and the genius in the perfect ass-saving explanation.

Too bad it only works once though, because they say he’ll come again…and I’m sure he will; after all, they usually do.


It’s so easy to
Get lost in the
Things we choose
To let define us.
Though, rather than
Letting the divine
Value of a cause,
Concept or person
Be deciphered by
Your willingness to
DIE for them,
Try instead, measuring
Their worth by how
Willing you are to
LIVE for them…
That’s the more
Vicious dedication,
The true sacrifice.