on bruised knees in the void of my own stomach, i never really wanted to lose the hook. from the very first time i sucked that devils dick, i swallowed down euphoria with a smile i never knew i owned. 

drawn back to the aroma therapy candles that romanticize that three day old piss smell. i smiled till my face cracked, i smoked till my lungs froze. i came back so often that most times i didn’t even bother to leave. 

i invited the cheap motel room gag of past dirty inhabitants, wiped their filth away with my mouth. let my lips wrap seductively around that hollow shaft like i was being photographed for an obscene magazine. 

free basing crystal meth with the natural ease of a high priced blow job, i know what it is to have a two day long orgasm from foil and a rock… 

…suddenly i realize-i am every whore to lie in this bed before me, and the only lesson i’ve learned, is to never say never!